Summer 2014








August - Walleye lite up the "Smiles"

Fred Rumsey catches a 30.7 in. Fish Ohio                 Tim catches a 25.5 in Walleye for big fish of day.

Tops Wild Wings leader for August w/Capt. Stony    With family n friends for his Bachlor Party w/Capt Ron
















August - Walleye Drift fishing heats up in Western Basin.

Illinois - Indiana - Limit Catch                                    Hillsdale, MI - 29 nice size Walleye

Don, Gary, Jim, Robert, Scott, John,w/Capt. Jake   Dave, Aaron, Brakton, John, John, w/Capt. Luke












August -  Families Choose Lake Erie for Walleye & Yellow Perch

Bumpass, VA - Terrie & Steve w/Capt. Ron                Moline, IL - Becky & Greg w/ Capt. Dan












July - Family Fishing Fun " Take a Kid Fishing "

Columbus, OH - Chris, Trish, Dylan, Travis, Nathan   Circleville, OH - Owen, Miles











July Walleye - Family Fishing Fun " Take a Kid Fishing "

Oak Harbor, OH - w/ Capt. Chad, Capt. Ron            Hartland, MI - w/ Capt. Mike

Andy, Angie, Coty, Happy Birthday Devin 11 yrs.    Grandfather Glen, Father Mike, sons Nathan, Trenton











 Maryland, MI -

Tom, Shirley, Braeden, Doug, Jaki










June Walleye

Rockford, IL - w/ Capt. Luke                                    Buffalo, NY - w/ Capt. Mike

Dave, Rick, Mike, Chuck, Dave, Brad                        Jim S, Jim D, Art, Joe












June Walleye -

Holland, Ohio - Family Fishing  w/ Capt. Ed

Garry, Sally, Bill, Amy and Bill 3rd.













June Walleyes - Limit Catches & Fish Ohio Walleyes

Carmel, IN - w/ Capt. Johnny                                                    Waukegan, IL - w/ Capt. Randy

Fred Sr. Freddy, Will, Fred, Sam                                                Jeffery, Terry, Arnold, Dennis, Rob w/ 27 in.

Happy Birthday Fred Sr. 70 years young                                 2 Fish Ohio Walleyes 31.2 & 29 in Jeffery











June Walleyes - Limit catches

Jacksonville,NC  - w/ Capt. Luke                               Milwaukee, WI - w/ Capt. Jake

Patrick, Pete, Bradon, Pete Jr. Patrick Jr                   Kyle, Jim, Larry, Ron, Dean, Adam












June Walleye Mania multiple boat trip.

Group from "Discount Tire" got a good load of them today !



June Walleye Fishing

Brad, Dan, Mike, Jim, Brian                                       Able Family fishing - Kristen, Chuckie, Chuck Sr. Peg











Fathers and Sons Happy Birthday Celebration "Kelby" Future Fisherman to grow our Sport

Fathers Jason, Steve Matt. Sons Ethan 12, Lane 9, Kelby 9 pair of 25 in. Walleye











June 1, Walleye "O" Plenty

Chicago, IL -                                                             Cincinatti, OH

 Joe, Al, Bill, Liv, Ray, Rick, w / Capt Bruce                  Anthony, Corey, Tim, Bryan, Eric, w / Capt. Jonny










 Aurora, OH

Paul, Ron, Bryant, Jacqueline, Sheryl, Adam, w / Capt. Dan




May Closeout "Wisconson Badgers" Limit catches of Walleye

Watertown, Wi                                                         Janesville, WI

Dave and Crew w/ Capt. Barry                                 Dave McKaig son Dan, Gene, Tom, Vern w/Capt. Ron











Summer Begins a new Page and a new adventure, we welcome you to join us. See Spring 2014 for pictures.

May 27,2014 Parkersburg, WV

Steve, Bud, Bill, Cecil, Kenny, Scott - with Capt. Ron