2011 Fishing Reports

Great walleye fishing

Fishing was great over the weekend. Lots of Smallies, Walleye and Prech. Capt. Chris even took a limit of nice perch and a limit of walleye on the same trip Sat. We are also seeing hundreds of small walleye that we release. I good sighn of thigs to come!

Great walleye hatch

Still taking limits almost everyday. This is the best June, July we have had in many years. ODNR are looking at this years walleye hatch and comparing it to the 2003 hatch. That is the best news all year. It should get better and better. WOW!!!!


This year was AWESOME for our annual fishing trip 20 and 21 Jul with Capt Ron. It was HOT but the fishing was GREAT and the everything was GREAT!! I want to make our reservations for next year for Jul 18 and 19 2012, with Capt Ron Please? ED

Limit Catches

Limit catches the last 2 days. Most Sea Breeze boats had limits early today. Fishing with night crawlers only 5 miles out.

lots of 7 - 10 pounders

Fishing has been good for more than a month. The weather has been good too. We have seen lots of 7 - 10 pounders this year. We have been catching waleye drifting and casting spinners with nightcrawlers on days we have a nice chop. Trowling spoones on flat calm days works too.

coolers full of walleye

Don Renz and his group headed home with cooleds full of walleye they caught fishing with Capt. Chris. Don has been fishing with Sea Breeze many years and always has a great time. Check out our facebook page for pictures.

Limits are common

The weather is good and so is the walleye fishing. Lots of trophys and limits are common.


BIG WALLEYE turned on the last 2 days. Lots of fish over 26h". We saw at least 100 fish over 26 inches in the last 2 days. Capt. Joe on the #19 boat had the BIG FISH of the month Sat AM with a 31.2"er then Kurt Gable landed a 32.5"er on the #6 boat with Capt. Ted in the afternoon. Kurt is now in the running for the big fish of the month. If he wins the monthly contest he will get a check for $100. If his fish holds out to be the big fish of the year he will get $500 more. The wind picked up from the NE and looks bad for Monday. We expect to have good weather and fishing by mid week.

100lbs. of walleye

Walleye fishing was good today Capt Dan came in with over 100 lbs. We posted a picture on our facebook page. ANYONE WHO NEEDS A FISHING LICENCE SHOULD PURCHACE IT ONLINE TO AVOID LONG LINES AT THE MARINA.

30" walleye

The weather in the midwest has not been nice this year. Lots of fronts with high winds and storms. Fishing has been up and down with the weather so far this year. Yesterday Capt. Chad landed a 30" walleye onboard the #21 boat. That is the big fish for the month and is in the running for $600. Capt John had a nice catch of walleye yesterday afternoon too. The temps are to be in the high 70's by mid week and the walleye should be on fire. Check out our facebook page for more reports and pictures.

Limit Catches

LIMITS OF WALLEYE on all of the Sea Breeze Boats Sunday. Yesterday was slow due to a storm but we handled a 28 incher and a 30 incher.

Boats are in the water

The boats are in the water and yesterday we had 9 boats fishing and most boats came in with 20 walleye or less. I have 20 boats out today and they sound like they are doing a lot better on the radio from shore. ANYONE WHO NEEDS A FISHING LICENCE SHOULD PURCHACE IT ONLINE TO AVOID LONG LINES AT THE MARINA. You can click on fishing licence on the left hand side of my website and fallow the prompts.